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Stills from a Powerpoint

I presented a ppt for the UD Faculty in August, 2013. Here are some images.

Fun to do. Silly images, I admit.

Why not swipe to see more?

I can add text or not,

of various sizes and fonts.

The images are pngs

with transparent backgrounds of course.

You can go back,

or continue forward.

I like putting Phyllis in my presentations

nice pic don't you think?

Gotta love silly clip art,

when you need silly.

UD CGIM Students:

I hope you are taking the opportunity to create a unique domain name.

Once you do, you will get hosting (also free). Now create a web presence.

It's your future.

I use this domain and host to demonstrate various features to students in the CGIM program at the University of Dubuque in Dubuque, Iowa. Currently, I want them to be able to use the "swipe" feature of phones and tablets, thus just "swipe" this image forward. Using a mouse? Click and drag.
- Alan Garfield, Head, Computer Graphics and Interactive Media Department, University of Dubuque, Dubuque, Iowa, agarfield@dbq.edu

2013 © Alan Garfield