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Meet Rabbi Jim Sagarin

(Selfie pic of Rabbi Jim and his wife, Lori, while on a tour of the Greek Islands.)

It is with anticipation and excitement that my family and I join Temple Beth El of Dubuque.

A new city, new people, a new congregation all provide possibilities for growth and enrichment. It is my sincere hope that our journey together be a fruitful one, marked by increased interconnectedness and understanding.

My life’s path has been eclectic to say the least, as I’ve worked in virtually all the fields afforded me by the rabbinate. I’ve served as an officiant, a counselor, an instructor, a chaplain, a professor, an advisor, and an educator.

At the same time, needless to say, I’ve been a husband, a father, a brother, a cousin, an uncle, a brother-in-law and a nephew to my immediate and extended family. I’ve also been called a friend and caregiver, roles which I plan to expand in Dubuque.

The past few months have been particularly eventful in the Sagarin household, the highlight (besides becoming your rabbi!) remains our cruise on Holland-America’s Oosterdam, a ship that traversed the eastern Mediterranean. Crete, Santorini, Corfu, Athens, Dubrovnik, and Venice were among the ports of call. I’m ready today to go back, especially to the mesmerizing Greek Isles!

Of course there’s more to say, but I’ll leave that for another Temple newsletter. I look forward to seeing everyone!

Shalom U’vracha, Rabbi Jim

Shabbat Schedule 5776


Saturday, February 10: Winter Shabbat service in the morning — not Friday evening). Possible Tu Bishvat Seder.
Sunday, February 11: Family School probably on Sunday morning.

Friday, March 10: 7:00pm Shabbat service.
Saturday, March 11: 10:15am Family School. TBA Adult Discussion.

Friday, April 14: 7:00pm Shabbat service. Passover. Seder on Friday or Saturday.
Saturday, April 15: 10:15am Family School. TBA Adult Discussion.

Friday, May 12: 7:00pm Shabbat service.
Saturday, May 13: 10:15am Family School. TBA Adult Discussion.

Friday, June 9: 7:00pm Shabbat service.
Saturday, June 10: 10:15am Family School. TBA Adult Discussion.

Children of Abraham 2016-2017

Come and participate. Questions, contact agarfield@dbq.edu

The Tri-State Islamic Center is now located at 4980 Radford Ct in Asbury.

Rosh Hashanah article in the Sunday Telegraph Herald, 10-5-16

Hanukkah article in the Sunday Telegraph Herald, 11-29-15

Interview with Becca Gottlieb, Rabbi Anne Persin and Alan Garfield

Jerusalem Post Headlines

Mission: Temple Beth El

Temple Beth El is a Reform Jewish Congregation just west of the Mississippi River with about 30 member families. At over 150 years old, we seek to fulfill our religious and ethical goals for our members by being a center for spiritual fulfillment, life-long learning, cultural enrichment, community leadership, social responsibility, and by lovingly entrusting our Reform Jewish tradition from generation to generation. We are committed in our support of the Jewish people throughout the world.

Tu Bishvat Seder after Shabbat Service 2-11-17.

Temple Beth El celebrates a Tu Bishvat seder after Shabbat morning service.

Hannukah Celebration and Dinner 12-16-16.

Temple Beth El celebrates Hanukkah with Rabbi Jim, three visitors and our congregation on this nasty weather night.

Temple Beth El Wining 10-16-16.

Temple Beth El Wining

Children of Abraham, Sukkot and Dinner 10-20-16.

Temple Beth El Hosts Children of Abraham and Celebrates Sukkot

Temple Beth El Wining 10-16-16.

Temple Beth El Wining

Rosh Hashanah and Tashlich 10-4-16.

Rosh Hashanah and Tashlich

From Rabbi Anne Persin

Every rabbi is asked throughout their career to find ways to define who they are as a rabbi. As a rabbi who sees myself as a teacher, first and foremost, I am constantly returning to Exodus 35:31 where we read, “And God filled Betzalel with the divine spirit, with hochmah (wisdom), t’vunah (understanding) and da’at (experience) and in all work.” In shaping my rabbinate, I look to Betzalel as my model for recognizing that all three of these ways of knowing—knowing through study, knowing through connecting, and knowing through doing—are all inherent to Judaism. My most sacred duty as a rabbi, therefore, is to bring hochmah (wisdom), t’vunah (understanding) and da’at (experience) to the people I serve. (Excerpted from July 2013 Newsletter.)

Purim Service: 3-19-2016.

Purim Service: 3-19-2016

Children of Abraham at Temple, 11-19-15

Children of Abraham's Conversation at Temple Beth El on 11-19-15. The subject was, gulp, The Purpose of Life. With over 180 people, we're not used to SRO; special thanks to Cindy, Phyllis, Hank and our Saudi students. We heard about 'Purpose of Life' from a Muslim, Catholic, Agnostic, Buddhist and Jewish perspective. There was even a KCRG news article.

Make a Difference Day: 10-24-2015.

Make a Difference Day, October 24, 2015

Rosh Hashanah and Tashlich 9-13-15.

Rosh Hashanah and Tashlich

Passover Community Seder 4-3-15.

Passover Community Seder at Temple Beth El

Visitor's Service 3-27-15.

Visitor's Service at Temple Beth El

Purim - 2-28-15.

Purim Party at Temple Beth El

Tu Bishvat - Temple School, 2-1-15.

Sukkot at Temple Beth El

Sukkot 2014 - Temple Men's Club and Children of Abraham.

Sukkot at Temple Beth El

Rosh Hashanah 2014 - Tashlich 9-25-14.

Tashlich at Temple Beth El, 9-25-14

Hanukkah Shabbat: Friday, 11-15-13

With latkes from Randy (aka Mr. Latkey to you); Cindy, William, Rabbi Ann and Hanukkah Man ... plus, when not eating, our smiling congregation.

Make A Difference Day: Saturday, 10-26-13

Larry & Kate, Mr. Boots, Cindy& Brett, Mrs. Boots, Lisa and Alan ... with loads of yard trash.

Sukkot Celebration: Sunday, 9-15-13

Temple Beth El, Tashlich at the Mississippi. 9-6-2013

Jacquie's Jerusalem Painting

On Friday night, March 8, 2013, Jacquie Dyrke presented her painting of Jerusalem to Temple Beth El. During the Oneg, Jacquie talked about the work - how she painted it, what went into her thinking about the color scheme and specific images she decided to depict. The Dyrke family was in attendance as well. Click on the image to see more pictures of the painting and the celebration that night.

Esther's Gift of The Scribe


On Friday night, August 16, 2013, Ester Lieberman presented to the Temple one of her late husband's most famous photographs - The Israeli Scribe. Printed and framed by son Bob, this work will be at the head of the stairs. Archie, Look magazine photographer and renowned photo journalist, taught at the University of Dubuque and is remembered fondly by his many, many students and collectors.

High Holy Days - Shana Tovah.

Kate Scheinman's Bat Mitzvah

Some past events...

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